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General Track Sessions

Papers may be submitted to one of the following General Tracks, or to an Invited Session. Only make one submission and select the track or session which best matches the topic of the paper.

The General Tracks are as follows:-

Generic Tracks


Thematic Tracks

T1: Knowledge-based Decision Making

The aim of the track is to gather the entire decision making (DM) oriented research, including academic and practically-oriented researchers and decision-makers. The conference will provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussions oriented on decision analysis, behavioral economics, judgment and decision-making, machine learning, statistics and other related topics and disciplines. The papers may address various theoretical and practical areas of DM. Contributions addressing knowledge-based DM and reasoning are especially welcome.
The main goal of the session is to attract researchers from all over the world, who will present their theoretical and applied contributions in the areas including, but not limited to:

Chair: Prof Jaroslaw Watrobski, University of Szczecin, Poland

- Do not submit the same paper to more than one General Track or Invited Session as they may be deleted from the conference.
- We may re-allocate papers to more appropriate tracks if we feel it necessary.


25th Annual
KES Conference
Szczecin, Poland
8-10 September 2021