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We are very pleased to have acquired the services of an excellent selection of keynote speakers for KES2021. The speakers and the titles of their talks are shown below.

Prof Valentina Balas

'Aurel Vlaicu' University of Arad, Romania

New Computational Intelligence-Based Research
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Prof Janusz Kacprzyk

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Linguistic data summarization: a step towards human comprehensibility of static and dynamic data
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Prof James F. Peters

University of Manitoba, Canada and Adiyaman University, Turkey

Computational Geometry and Topology of Data Views of Brain Activation Regions in rs-fMRI Videos. Betti Numbers, Ghrist Pictographs in Tracking the Persistence of Brain Activations
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Prof Andrzej Piegat

Westpomeranian University of Technology, Poland

Why multidimensional fuzzy arithmetic in problem solving
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Prof Edward Szczerbicki

Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
The University of Newcastle, Australia

AI vs AI: intelligence amplification with Decisional DNA and its extension to
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Prof Maria Virvou

University of Piraeus, Greece

Human-AI Interaction: New Horizons and Challenges
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25th Annual
KES Conference
Szczecin, Poland
8-10 September 2021